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Trigger the siren using Third-Party Partner Integrations

It would be useful to be able to use Stringify to create a routine that included triggering the Arlo siren.


I would also like to control the Siren with Stringify. I currently arm and disarm my Arlo Pro cameras when my Alarm is armed/disarmed. I would like to sound the siren when my Alarm goes off, adding an additional siren to my alarm siren.


I have Smartthings and a Pro base staton. Any of my sensors can trigger the alarm or I can easily manually fire it in the Things section. I can even do it in a custom Scene. Even using the temperature reporting of my Smartthings devices can be set up to trigger the siren. I am sure the lights can be too, but at present, I do not use any smart lights or switches in my Smartthings system.




Plus One on this thread.

It seems that the Arlo/Stringify integration is very limited.  Just enough to say they have it.


Honestly, the Arlo base siren is louder than my siren on my alarm system. If I could trigger the Arlo siren via IFTTT, then I could supplement my alarm system’s siren and even create a wireless panic button.