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Trigger the siren using Third-Party Partner Integrations

It would be useful to be able to use Stringify to create a routine that included triggering the Arlo siren.


1) Does Netgear plan on allowing a IFTTT trigger for when the alarm sounds?  That would be really useful!

2) Does Netgear plan on developing/releasing add-on sirens/strobe lights?  


The alarm feature in Arlo Pro is of very limited usability right now, however it would be significantly more usable if it could be triggered via SmartThings. 


Right now it can be triggered either via Arlo camera or manually. Integration with SmartThings opens up endless possibilities...


Heres an idea I was thinking about in regards to siren loudness improvement.  Is there anyway to integrate a nest proctect siren via IFTT.  I think this would allow for a much more potent siren plus since you can purchase multiple nest products it allows the siren to be heard for very large homes.

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I just bought an Arlo Pro and I am frustrated that I can't control the siren. Adding siren on/off to Stringify sdhould be easy and would allow me to do things like - on motion detect, switch on exterior lights, wait 2 minutes, switch on siren, wait 3 minutes, switch off siren. 

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Stringify or IFTTT would be great


 With IFTTT already compatible with the Arlo Pro, this should be a no brains feature.  It would be great to be able to trigger the siren with IFTTT (not just by detected movement or sound).


This could work with any variety of home security sensors, and would allow the siren to be activated.   

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Second that! For Smartthings + Arlo integrations, triggering the Siren based on other sensors connected into the Smartthings ecosystem is critical, so either Smartthings should be able to trigger the Siren or doing the same through IFTTT is needed.



Agreed. Please expose this through the API!

absolutely need some connection via google home or ifttt could arm / disarm via voice or set alarm off very useful ... as geofencing is not working consistently