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Timelapse feature


Please include a Timelapse feature in the Arlo APP. i just want

to view what happened throughout the day rather than viewing it at different times.

Would like to see it record a few minutes every 30mins or so. Currently you can set up schedules,

why not expand this feature into timelapse. This will be a great feature to have as none of the other

brands have this. And its well needed. Sometimes you dont have celluar signals or wifi. This fixes that

loop hole.







For areas where motion detection is problematic (or not feasible) it would be nice to have a time lapse mode that would allow snapshots to be taken at user-defined intervals. 

Yes! That would make these cameras even better. Please do it Arlo!

Timelapse seems like a pretty basic feature to me. Every other IP camera I've used has this feature. When I purchased the Arlo system some of the literature I read lead me to believe that this feature was available. I would not have purchased them if I had known that you could not schedule something as simple as sending a picture.


This can't be so hard to implement and would make the Arlo even better and more functional !!


Let's hope this gets addressed soon. Please Guys!


Arlo, please include this as a feature. 


Have 4 arlo cameras that I would like to implement this on. 


* For my application, this would be specific to taking a picture at a scheduled interval for each camera.

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Please Netgear and Arlo add the timelapse. This beautiful camera is more useful with that feature!

This is a very good idea, and I don't know why is not released by default.


Please Netgear, develop it


I saw the following and think it would be a great future feature for ARLO.


The solution/feature I've seen by another provider allows you to click "play" once for a given day of captured motion....and you see all the motion recorded for the day at once.  Essentially it compiles all the motion-activated videos for the day and layers them on top of each other, with timestamps hovering next to each motion event. 


For example, if you had a delivery at 1 pm, and a cat walked by at 2 pm....using this feature you would click play once, and in what appears to be one video you would see the delivery man walking to your door with the 1pm timestamp hovering next to him.  In that same video you're watching, you would see the cat walking by but with the 2pm timestamp hovering next to it.  So you're viewing all motion at once in what appears to be one video.  No need to watch every individual video recorded that day.  Then, if you found something of interest, you could navigate to the ACTUAL individual video.



love this idea!