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Thumbnails for remote/local storage

Thumnails for remote storage. Would be great


I have seen this pop up a few time. The last on was start of 2020 and in 2019. Arlo Cameras do a good job. But being able to view thumbnails on local storage will be Amazing. 

As the paid subscription adds up over time. Thumbnail viewing for the local storage should be part of the initial payment for the device. As the hub and 3 camera had a cost of  1200.

The only way to view thumbnails is to pay for the subscription to which the clips are uploaded to the cloud.


The subscription is hand when needing to identify objects and is had to have when away from the property for  periods of a time.


Trying to view videos through local storage is just a mission. Improvement should be made for this.


I have quite a few ideas on a wishlist that would hopefully be of use to many users:


Thumbnails for local storage clips.


Currently there are still motion events that are captured locally but are missed in the cloud recording.  It would be good to sync these databases in the background or a button so you don't have to keep checking local storage for missing clips.


Ability to record locally in a higher bitrate


A better designed and functioning timeline for CVR. 

Something similar to Google nests implementation which is a lot more user friendly when using a phone.  At the moment it is far too small and fiddly. 

An easier selection of motion events, maybe a next and previous button.

A timelapse scrubbing function like google nest. 

Be able to playback cvr at 2x 5x 10x speed. 

Be able to set in and out points from the cvr and save the clip.


Option to auto play certain cameras when launching the app.


Auto rotate if you have one camera playing like in cvr screen.


auto re-calibrate night vision when is gets totally dark.  I currently find a lot of detail is lost as the night gets darker but if you switch the camera off and on it almost re-calibrates the nightvision exposure and you have a far better image.


Spot light function to work with the nightvision.  Currently it loses the high quality image if you have the spotlight enabled with nightvision similar to the low quality grainy colour mode.


% indicator for wifi strength not just the 3 bars


Ability to select what wifi channels are used by the hub, not just auto follow the router.





Please implement this ASAP!  Thumbnails should also be shown on all motion notifications without Arlo Smart subscription. I understand that it will no longer zoom in on people, vehicles, and animals, but it still knows the exact time when the motion was triggered and can capture the single frame for the notifications. Eufy has this, and even includes person/animal detection for free without the cloud storage subscription. I understand that that Arlo's business model is different, but intentionally crippling advertised features to force people to pay for Arlo's cloud storage is unethical.


It would save so much time having the ability to view thumbnails on the when viewing the local storage through the app or when plugging the usb into the computer. This feature should be included when you buy the arlo hub and cameras. Its crazy paying $1400 then having to pay a monthly fee  just to see thumbnails. This feature has been well requested by many people over the last 2 - 3 years.


Arlo clearly do not care about us. All they do is take your money and can’t even be bothered replying to topics that have been brought up by its users for well over 2 years.

Not very Helpful

Not very courteous

Not happy!


Simply shameful tactic by Arlo!


Hard to believe how persistent Arlo is in its effort NOT to listen to customers.


"Its crazy paying $1400 then having to pay a monthly fee just to see thumbnails."


Arlo's message to this:


Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 10.05.09 AM.png


Were still waiting on this ARLO.  Are there no MODS in this forum???  Can we get a statement?


I can't believe this isn't out of the box functionality. Seems intentional to push users to subscribe to their online service.