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Siri Shortcuts support for deep Arlo actions

now that ios 12 is beta, and the siri shortcuts app is also being tested by select devs, it would be a great time to start making a number of actions accessible from this new platform. Siri shortcuts will be able to preform powerful deep automated actions in apps who allow it with a simle predetermined command. Lets get on this!


hey siri (dis)arm arlo.

hey siri snooze arlo for.. 15, 30, 60 mins..

hey siri sound the alarm!

hey siri how are my arlo batteries?

hey siri im home.. opens garage, turn on select lights & thermostat and disarms arlo. 


any other great ideas?




2+ years since this idea was submitted. @ShayneS, or anyone from the Arlo team, could you provide an update please?


Please enable Arlo iOS app to create iOS Shortcuts [see Lifx for a decent example].


Develop iOS widgets: 

- Arm All 

- Disarm All 

- Show live views 

- Show battery status


So if I’m reading this thread correctly, there’s no Siri Shortcuts integration with Arlo currently? That’s a big “Wow!”…at this point, I don’t know how you develop this much iOS and HomeKit features and not have Siri operate tasks. That and no Home Secure Video (which granted is a much newer development) is a real bummer

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Yeah, not being able to just do the basics like ARM the cameras has made me move on to better things.  Years of waiting for Arlo to do something is just not worth it.


In your iOS application please provide support for allowing Siri Shortcuts to enable certain features within a camera, for example:


1. Disarm Camera - user can pick a shortcut saying and save, to allow the disarming of a particular alarm with Siri

2. Arm Camera - user can pick a shortcut saying and save, to allow the arming of a particular alarm with Siri


For me these are super important.


Looks like there have been various users requesting features like this since 2018 - is there a reason for not implementing such a feature?