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Separate notifications for each Arlo product

Do you know if there are plans to add seperate notifications by product? ie. notification for security lights, cameras. it would be nice to be to set a separate notification for each one so you know what set the alert off.

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Hey @Nashkidd,


Could you explain more about needing separate notifications by product? You should be able to get separate notifications via push notifications or email notifications when motion was detected on certain products, whether it's Arlo Security Lights, cameras, etc.

the notification alerts need to be by device and not for the overall acct. example you have 4 lights and 4 camera's. you need to be able to set a different alert tone for each device so you know which device set the notification off if you dont have your phone close by. like on your phone, a text, email or app can have its each alert tone so you know with out looking and know by the tone.
Arlo Moderator

We don't have any information regarding having separate notifications by product. However, it is an idea that our development team can look at. I am moving your post to the Arlo Idea Exchange board so the Arlo development team can review which feature the community would like to see implemented. We appreciate the idea and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation.


It would be helpful to be able to turn off push notifications for specific cameras or groups of cameras or for base station/camera systems.  I have a shared view of a family member's system and would like to continue receiving push notifications for my own system but not theirs while they continue to receive push notifications.