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Security for cameras

1. I want to put a camera outside and have the features as if it were plugged in to AC power. I have been told by you custeomer service rep that the camera would need a cover to protect it from the weather. Would be nice to have a weather proof connector.

2. I bought an outdoor mount but believe there to be a risk of the camera being stolen. The camera will be set up tocover an area that has become a security risk. (I do live in a good area but someone has stolen the copper downpipe from my roof) The whole camera could be twisted out of the plastic disc that is screwed to the wall or un-screwed from the mount. I see you have another mount but havent been able to locate one of those yet. A stronger mount (possibly including an AC all weather adapter?) that makes the "unwanted" think seriously about even trying to remove the camera would be great feature for Arlo pro. Would be interested in buying one and retro fitting.

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I have fashioned more secure mounts using plastic electrical boxes and cutting out a hile in the front of the box the same size as the camera front, then used window shims to get the correct angle. While this makes the camera much more theft resistant, anyone with a cordless drill and a phillips head screw driver attachment could remove the housing in less than a minute. I have mounted my cameras pretty high up under the eaves of my house for weather protection and used solar panels to charge them so that I no longer need to climb any ladders. Still a burglar simply has to take a can of spray paint and permanently damage the cameras. I use three cameras each on the front and rear of my house. Two of them pointed facing each other and one pointed where I can see everything going on in my yards. That way, a thief would have to damage/steal all three cameras at the same time so as not to be detected. I would still have 3 recordings in the cloud of the event, (one from each camera).