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RFID tag and reader or Bluetooth tracker to notify when a person with Dementia exits a main door

We monitor a main door with an Arlo camera. We would like to place a simple RF ID tag in a wallet or purse, which, we have verified, always goes out the door with the dimentia subject.  Wandering and task focus dimentia seniors are the target. An Arlo developed RF ID tag reader would detect the tag in the entrance way and notify care givers & children of the senior entering the entrance way with a text message or other notification.  No batteries required in the RF ID tag! Very important.  Does this product exist? If not, I can say this product would sell, and compliment Arlo camera monitoring substantially.


An alternate idea that is probably better, is to use Bluetooth technology such as is used in Tile and Chipolo find tags. When the Tile device comes in close range to an Arlo camera ( monitoring a doorway), then goes out of range, that would be considered a “proximity to the door” event. These devices use a coin cell battery that lasts for a long time.  Also there is a possibility of locating the senior with the Tile user network.  All that is needed is a Bluetooth capability in the existing Arlo camera, with some smart antenna capability built in.

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