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Push Camera Names from Owner to Friends

Imagine if you will,


Two Cameras, one named "Front Door Left" and another named "Front Door Right". There's a logistical change to how the doors are used in the house and you decide to move one camera to the back of the house. So you rename them "Front Door" and "Back Door" on the Owner account.  But now all the Friends (a.k.a. wife and children) have a camera named "Front Door Right" that looks at the back of the house. Everyone is confused and out of spite stop talking to the Owner. Now the Owner must now email all the "Friends" with "Hey! Change your camera name and here are copious instructions which I know you won't even read."   But, of course, they need to have their hands held through the process because that Owner has a house full of  technological incompetents. Of course, this is frustrating for everyone. It leads to so much marital tension that the Owner gets divorced, turns into a drunk and ends up homeless.  Now, imagine your the IT guy in a company where a few dozen people have access to a dozen cameras. There's a re-org and because desks get shuffled, so do the company's dozen cameras, which requires renaming. But now, because you couldn't push the new camera names to everyone, no one can tell if that's the camera on the 2nd floor in the stairwell or the 3rd floor. Or is that the south east corner stars or the north west? Rather than suffer through handholding a dozen managers (mostly technologically incompetent), half a dozen executives (wholly technologically incompentent) and another half dozen security guards (lol, don't get me started) , you quit, go broke and end up homeless.  


So please, Netgear, don't force people on to the streets, drowning their lives away with Night Train and Thunderbird. Please give Owners the option to push device name changes to Friends. 


Thanks for consdering,




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Yes, that would be a good idea if they gave us the choice or as you said let us push the names to other users. Right now the system is designed so that each user can name the cameras with whatever names they want. I don't know why this is. I noticed this last week when I was moving cameras around.

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I'd like to second this idea, but I can't imagine that everyone doesn't already agree. So, I'm probably somewhere along the lines of "4,324th-ing" the idea.
I'd like to think that uninstalling and re-installing the app for the friends would re-read the names... but it don't. I thin this is just a bug. At lease the friends can manually rename the cameras, but if you rename your base station for whatever reason, the old name is stuck. Hopefully that will be fixed soon as well.

Bumping this because it bit me, yet again. Please like this idea and get it on Arlo's radar.