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Pro version application

I've had a couple of days to play with my new Pro 2  installation and you have an extremely nice non-technical user solution. And it even reaches my detached garage (100+ ft from base station). My wife is quite pleased. But  I'm a bit of a tech nut (retired IT Architect - Technology.). So why not do an additional bit of monetization but developing a Prosumer version of the application. I know I'd be more than willing to pay for a version that had the following capabilities.

  • Full control of each camera / device on the base station. Meaning each camera's rules, notification, zones, schedule, zone rules, recording location, etc.
  • Better abilty to create rules. Triggered action lists by camera, by zone as an example.
  • Open recording to ethernet attached devices.
  • Ability to use common wi-fi extenders.
  • Expose or provide device access from local lan (apk would work)

Again, don't expect for free, but also don't want to subscribe to monthly service unless it came with the level of customization above.