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Prioritised activity zones

Different priority activity zones
Motion in level 1 zone = record only
Motion in level 2 zone = record and notification
Motion in level 3 zone = record, notify and siren
Arlo Moderator

HI @Iceblade


We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation.


Thank you for posting your idea!


As a user, I would like to define different notifications per zone on a single camera.


Example: I have a camera on my driveway, that also captures the street. I would like to define a zone for my driveway, and receive notifications to my app/phone when motion is detected. I would also like to define a zone for the street that would capture video, but not send a notification.


My main reason for this feature: I recently added a doorbell camera that can see my porch, and the street behind. I get notifications all day long as people and cars go past. I do not need to be notified of these events, but I do want to have a recording history of the street. There have been some criminal issues in the area, and having a video capture would possibly help. I want to capture video for both, but if I am getting notifications for every event in the street, I will suffer from notification overload, and possibly miss when someone actually approaches the door.