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Power adapater for original Arlo

This is the 2nd time I suggest this.... Wiireless option is great, but it isnt always feasable.  I would like to mount my original arlo camera on my roof so that i can have a better view and its not as easily accessible to intruders but I dont want to have to climb up on the room to change batteries every few weeks.  So there needs to be an option to use batteries and/or a power cable.  I  tried this option from another company a while back but unfortunately it did not work.  I am sure Arlo can make this happen,  the question is, do they want to?  I know Arlo is in the business of making money but most of us already gave you at least $900,  maybe you can give us a break and try to save us some money and hassle with batteries.  Either way, Arlo would be making money selling this alternative power option.  

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Netzteil Adapter kompatibel mit Netgear Arlo Überwachung Kamera,Smart Home Zubehör (Weiß)