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Partner with Wireless door locks.

It would be great to have Arlo partner with Door lock companies that currently offer wireless solutions, like-  Schlage, August, Yale...  

It would be awesome if we could use the Arlo base station to communicate to the door lock so that we do not have to buy into other base stations or Z wave hubs etc.  

Arlo Moderator



May I ask what issue you are experiencing with your system/device(s)?


The problem is that we were kind of promised that partnerships with other companies were forthcoming. That press announcement was literally a year ago. 

Is Arlo going to work with other things (like doorlocks, thermostats, lights,  etc. ) or not???


HI Shayne S (moderator),
Not sure if you actually read or understood my email but lewinb explained it perfectly.

i.e What's happening with 3rd party integration and partnerships? 

This would simply be a matter of surfacing some relatively straightforward APIs so 3rd parties could seamlessly integrate. It's absolutely standard stuff these days and totally secure if done properly. Please don't respond with with security excuses (that’s what you are supposed to be good at right?).  Integration via APIs is the obvious way forward. You guys need to catch-up

example1: Integrate with Yale and their smart alarms. If the alarm gets triggered all the Arlo cameras turn-on and record video (also the ultra camera alarms could sound and lights flash too).

example2: Integrate with Yale door locks so when they are activated a pre-selected arlo camera could take a snapshot of who was trying to access.


I'm sure there are 1000's of other great examples which would massively improve the scope and usability of your product (and increase sales!!!)



So I'm wondering if there is a federal consumer protection office of some kind,  that might be willing to levy fines/get our money back for being sold a bill of goods. The press release and other individual product descriptions indicating forthcoming product integrations should suffice. Doesn't this amount to deceptive business practices?? There are dozens and dozens of posts on here about promised zwave & zigbee integrations.


Hi, any updates on this? I'm looking for smart locks that are compatible with my Arlo doorbells.  Thanks, Joya


Wow 2020 is almost over and still not a response as till when we will have 3rd party integration with smart locks or about your integration with yale locks which you announced would be happening. I'm waiting. 


I'm brand new to Arlo.  A buddy and his bride are becoming expats, so he gifted his cameras to me.  I like the $$ support vs g00gl3.


However .... this thread does not speak well of the future for this platform.  We're about to invest in a door lock that integrates with a home security system, so I came here.  


It seems that function is not available w/Arlo, and the future does not look as bright it is should with the tech being this good.