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Optional video viewing from USB storage device

How about adding option for video clip viewing from USB device (when present) directly from base station. Users wouldn’t need to always view/download from Arlo storage servers, give option to view from USB device.

It would be a most handy feature as:

a) In case of Arlo services down (like today) videos can be retrieved from base station;

b) Similarly, when internet is down (wi-fi still on) local USB can be easily accessed;

c) It would dramatically reduce Arlo servers access load with fewer viewing/download  requests;

d) It would give users a much faster access to their video recordings.

Just some “food for thought”.........


It would be a very appreciated feature by all users......if ever implemented.


Anyone know if Arlo will ever update their firmware/app/web version to be able to access/view recorded content that's stored on an external hard drive via the Arlo library past 7 days?

I have a 2 TB western digital external hard drive, thinking I'll be able to record & access my content via the app/web, until this drive fills up. But whenever I log into the app or web browser (Arlo library), it ONLY shows me content recorded from the past 7 days?!?! I just spoke to support & they advised me that content is still recording after 7 days & stored on my external hard drive, but if I want to access any footage passed 7 days, I'll have to disconnect the hard drive from the Arlo base & connect the drive to my laptop/computer. Which is terrible, if I'm not home & I want to look back at any footage past 7 days, I'll NEVER be able to access anything past 7 days. 


If anyone or someone from Arlo can contact me regarding this feature add, this would really enhance everyone's Arlo experience & give people a better piece of mind with their security.




They are working on direct access to local storage through the app and the web client, and they've announced that it will be available by the end of the year.


They haven't said if that will be available only for the Pro3/Ultra (which don't have a free storage plan), or if it will also be available with the older cameras and bases.  


Thanks @StephenB  appreciate the feedback.


@DJ_6sTep : FWIW, it is available now:


But there some limitations - which hopefully will be removed over time.

Arlo Moderator
Status changed to: Implemented

As StephenB mentioned, this is now implemented by using Direct Storage Access. You can read more about them here: