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New Homekit Features for Arlo Baby



Could Netgear Product team release a new firmware to enable temperature sensor and motion sensor as standalone function in homekit? This will be very useful for home automation (i.e. baby's room reaches 80F -> turns on the A/C, montion detected -> light on).  




I’m waiting the same


Hi Netgear/Arlo Baby development team,


I really hope you will put this highly desired improvement/FW update under consideration. All the hardware is that and it's really a waste for NOT enabling individiual temp sensor and motion sensor in the homekit for automation. Another homekit providee Ecobee has enabled these features thru FW update last year. See link below.




I would also be happy to see further development of Baby's homekit functions, eg. - you have the already built-in air humidity sensor - so i can see it in my home app, so it could make an automatization that automatically turns on my homekit-compatible air humidifier. Or you have the temperature sensor which detects that temp in nursery is way too low. So it turns on the heating. Or in the opposite situation thing with HK compatible air conditioner. Or the motion detector. Arlo baby has the potential to be the best homekit-compatible camera on the market. You have a great software, great build quality, great design, but almost none funcionality for homekit users.

What homekit functions would be great to see in next software update:

-Motion sensor - MUST

-Temperature sensor - MUST

-Air humidity and Air quality sensor - Would be nice

-LED Light with variable color options - Cool, but not necessary

-Homekit/Airplay compatible speaker function - Wow, it would be too much


Come on guys. Let your product kick Circle 2's and Omna 180's poorly designed arses.


Arlo Baby Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality) integration into HomeKit is much needed.


Any update on this?


I also would like to see this.  I am hoping to setup similar automation as other mentioend here for air quality, temperature, and humidity.  Please advise timeline of this functionality.  It is really important.




just bought some Smart Plugs for HomeKit and found out that i can’t automate based on temperature, so said.


when the firmware update alows that?


I’m looking for the same feature. When can this be done.