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Need integration of the arlo cameras with Wink

please integrate it with wink

I too am very disappointed that there is no Wink support YET. However, last night I was poking around in the Wink app and saw a new Arlo camera option. When I tapped it, it said Arlo Pro at the top of the screen and even had a picture of the Pro camera. I tried to link my Pro system, but kept getting an error. I checked again this afternoon and the option is gone. 

I'm now feeling pretty optimistic that support for the Pro cameras is very close. 

Team - any news when Arlo Pro cameras will be supported by Wink? It's odd that your high-end cameras do not integrate....

+1.  Come on Netgear, test out the FW and get it out the door!!!!  8+ months to add a product from a company you already support (well, at least the older stuff) should be more than enough time to add that device into your base station.