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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




I just bought an Arlo Pro 2 kit to my parents and was shocked it still required Flash.
Please respond that you acknowledge that Flash is a security risk / legacy and are working on HTML 5.


Can anyone from Netgear or Arlo answer and tell us if this is being worked on or not?
Was very disapointed when I logged into the web-interface and found out it used Flash and not HTML 5.

To use flash on my pc running Win 7 Ultimate through my Google Chrome (Beta) browser I have to 'allow' Flash to run everytime I want to view clips from my cameras. Flash is only used for this application as everything else uses HTML5.


Has anyone actually got in touch with Netgear to get this out of date method of viewing our camera footage replaced?


This thread started in 2015 and no one at Netgear has done anything about it? Very poor!


Nov 2018, still requires Flash, so not working on my brand new Mac. No probelm on ios.


This is unbelievable. Considering the privacy risk for such product it is borderline criminal to still be using Flash!

That will fail the first security requirements of the GDPR!




I've read where the web version of the arlo application requires FLASH to do a Live viewing.  Any updates from Arlo on using HTML5 ?   I'm using a Mac and there is a version of FLASH installed but the Arlo site is still only giving me a snap shot when I try to do LIVE view.  Any suggestions on what I need to do?  Thanks!


Nothing new ,TMK, on html5...


Just purchased Arlo Pro and I'm amazed that it requires Flash (does not work with Safari on Mac, nor do I want to install that junk from Adobe - been really hating flash since ~2000). Any official update on this from Netgear?


Agreed. Please stop using flash. This is a security hole. 


This is pathetic.  Please move on from flash.  Stop recommending workarounds for the end-users, they will soon come to an abrupt end.