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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.



@fishferbrains  wrote:

There's a significant class of users who don't own or can't use the mobile applications for a variety of reasons. 

And others who prefer the web interface (which is my own category).


@fishferbrains  wrote:

The entire YouTube platform converted from Flash to HTML5 in 2015.  ... The benefits, risks and quantifiable effort required is well known.  

YouTube began migrating to html5 in 2010 ( ) so it took them about five years.   Though of course it shouldn't take anything close to that today. 


That said, I have no information on how simple or difficult it would be in the Arlo back-end.  But, given the recent history here with the app migration, Arlo will need to be careful to fully test the modified back end before they roll it out.


You don't use Flash on the IOS platform (cause you cannot) - yet you continue to force your customers to use an insecure Flash client on their browser.


I find this ironic that a company selling "security" devices forces their customers to use one of the most insecure plugins on the planet.  Adobe announced end of life of this platform years ago - yet Netgear still uses it.  For those not in the know - EOL is Dec 31, 2020.


Please upgrade your web based UI to use HTML5.  Asking your customers to forfeit their personal computer security so they can view their security cameras - not cool.



Arlo has had nothing to do with Netgear for a couple of years now.



I just got the Arlo Pro 3 system and am honestly shocked that Arlo is still using Flash for the web interface. Please move to HTML5. Flash is dead and barely supported by browsers.


The whole inadequate Arlo response to the FLASH situation is a flashing red sign that the business entity is in trouble. A well functioning company would treat this at least as a support issue i.e. proactive, clear, and consistent, informative, and transparent communications with the community it has let down severely. The message we are all receiving as a community is that the WEB software is broken and they really don't care about those of us who depend on it. It would be incredibly easy to turn these optics around to a brand value win. You don't even have to fix the problem - you just have to show you care and understand the issue, and tell us in detail how and when this will get fixed. These moments define brand confidence...


Good thing this is not a security and confidence related product.



They aren't a security product. They are a toy that give you something to do while standing in a line, like trying to look at what the dog is doing. If they are working at that time...

If you were looking for a security product, you would buy a security focused camera system.


When the community becomes passive-aggressive, you know it's over. And for Arlo, it is over.

When the community becomes passive-aggressive, you know it's over. And for Arlo, it is over.

It was over when Netgear offloaded Arlo.

When Arlo folds, Netgear will be in the clear for all the people who then have expensive paperweights.

@4vrnvr wrote:

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5.


Watch this space.




Just keeping this thread alive. It's been over two years since the OP, and no change.


Disappointed that I didn't read this thread before I bought Arlo.