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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




First post here...


Just purchased an Arlo Pro 2 system with 2 cameras.


I thought I had done my research after seeking multiple reviews for this system, unfortunately I did not find this community forum in that process.


Firstly, as someone who used to deliver Flash content for a living, I was so surprised to see your live stream facilitated by Flash. I was aware of your OS requirements, but thought that the live stream would available via browser on an older IOS device - unfortunately not. With a current userbase as large as that of Arlo, I'm a bit disappointed to see that HTML5 has not already been implemented. I am aware that Arlo has made statements regarding this.


Setup process was a little frustrating to be honest. As I was using an older IOS device that I intended to use as a dedicated controller, I could not install the app, which I was already aware of. However, when trying to create a new user account via your web portal, there was no option appearing to create new account. After logging in via PC, and more options appeared on the page, I realised that your website had sniffed that I was on an IOS device , and was trying its best to redirect me - to an app that I could not install. Once this was sorted, the rest of the setup procedure was straight forward, and the system initialised and synced without issue. 


I had already read of the problems users were experiencing with the geofencing feature, and bought the system with no intention of using this feature. However, I thought that arming/disarming the system would be a lot more straightforward via the website. The fact these options are buried in menu systems is beyond me.

Without fully functioning geofencing, people with limited internet quotas (as I do using satellite internet) will struggle to limit net usage. 


I am happy with the quality of the camera image, and besides the issues already mentioned, I am happy with the system. If Arlo could sort out the geofencing / arming issues, and remove flash, I think they will see a much more satisfied user base of what is advertised as a premium product.




Today I have submitted a formal complaint for inaction on this issue with the better business bureau.  I was waiting for a long time (3+ months) for Arlo to properly register themselves, however they did not; so I submitted the information myself.


For anyone else looking to do the same (strongly advise you to do so).


Their legal address from Arlo support was shared with me:


3030 Orchard Pkwy
San Jose, CA 95134, USA

CORRECTION: support responded with the addresses


The Arlo corporate address is 

3030 Orchard Parkway 

San Jose, CA 95134


The address associated with BBB site is:

2200 Faraday Ave. #150

Carlsbad, CA 92008


Here is an idea, catch up with the rest of the world and move to HTML 5 so your product is fit for use..


It's in the works, they still have time


It's beyond time to resolve this as the Flash access/enablement is not consistent across browsers.  
I have an 80yr old mother trying to see alerts and live video with so much frustration she wants another system.

Arlo - fix your webpage before another hardware release.  I'm not buying anything more until you get your act together on the software some.

Officially, via the BBB complaint, Arlo has responded with:




Good day!


We are aware of the desire for HTML 5 support to improve the Arlo experience for desktop web app users. Our team has a few other releases ahead of this initiative and appreciates your patience as we work on a transition to HTML 5.


In the meantime, the Arlo App for iOS and Arlo App for Android offer the most robust experience for managing your Arlo devices.


Thank you.


(snip name)

Sr. Customer Care Advocate

ARLO Technologies, Inc.


I've been reading the responses to the "Flash" issue. I have the Live views working on my Samsung tablet but can't get it working on my Windows 10 PC.  After all these posts you would think there would be some sound advice. The  troubleshooting advice I was given from support,  "Check your internet connection and make sure it's working".  I'm a 20  year IT professional and I need someone to tell me to check my internet connection.  I'll make sure my computer is turned on and plugged in too.


@Dave2007 wrote:

I've been reading the responses to the "Flash" issue. I have the Live views working on my Samsung tablet but can't get it working on my Windows 10 PC. 

What browser are you using?


Mozilla Firefox