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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




At this point, I am just going to point my clients towads other products. I like my Arlo system, but since they are basically doing nothing as far as we know about this, I am not going to be investing more into their products until they make a statement about switching from Flash. It's quite baffling to get nothing from the Arlo team about their roadmap for not relying on something Adobe themsevles already talked about no supporting.


I also have a five camera setup and was looking to upgrade for a better camera.  Arlo brags about their updated hardware  but they have failed miserably to update the required software.  Hey Netgear, both hardware and software are required for an acceptible system.   I am fed up with having to jump though the Flash hoops  to protect my systems due to security holes in Flash and the Arlo Flash requirement. 

NetGear support has been telling us for almost two years that they are working on a software upgrade but there was no release date.   Well I for one am tired of waiting for Netgear to fix their software security flaws.  I will be taking my business elsewhere.

I've given up waiting - had a new system installed a few weeks ago. Anyone want to buy a used 5-camera system?

How is the Arlo website still using Flash? Did they not get the memo? Adobe is killing Flash in 2020. Are they seriously waiting until the very last minute to migrate? That’s poor prioritization.


Agree with the recent commenters here. Flash has been on path to being deprecated for nearly 5 years. All major video sites have made the (sometimes painful) move to HTML5. When I was researching security cameras, the fact that Arlo was so stuck on old technology nearly waived me off their product.


Arlo: It's time. Or do you plan to wait until your web app is disabled?

For ages when I've opened Arlo on my desktop to view clips I've had a pop up from Netgear asking me to use their newer version of Flash and to click the button so it will enable me to view my clips. The other day I didn't click their pop up but just chose a clip and hit play, it worked with no trouble at all. I'm using Google Chrome Beta and for some time there has been a notification that Chrome will not support Flash in 2020. As far as I can tell, we do not need Flash at all and the video clips will play just fine without it. Am I just lucky or can everyone play their clips without using Flash?


Edit: I just tried to view 'Live' through my cameras and it won't let me until I use their 'newer' version of Flash. So when flash is finally retired, my cameras will be effectively useless. A very costly mistake to buy these.


Chrome has Flash built-in, so that may be why you're able to see the content. It's sandboxed inside of Chrome; really the only safe way to run that crap on your system. I say good riddance to Flash (even though I was a Flash developer for quite a while).


Is there a documented plan for retiring the use of Adobe Flash?  With there now being actual timeframes published on browsers and Adobe themselves retiring Adobe Flash this will eventually stop working.  Is there an HTML5 or other solution in the works?  The constant need to allow its use is only mildly annoying now but it's going to get worse or ultimately go away entirely...


I don't think Arlo ever said they will get rid of its Flash requirements. 😞


Yeeaaahhh, that's planning ahead. What could possibly go wrong?