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Motion detection improvements

The motion detection needs help in a big way. Mine will pick up a fly but miss a person sometimes.
Also, the ability to mask an area to ignore bushes or trees would be awesome, improve battery life, and decrease Netgear's storage costs. 🙂

Masking certainly needed, probably for a lot of users.



This feature should be the top upgrade priority for Arlo (Netgear). I get a lot of recordings with just trees waving to me. What do you think Netgear!!!!!??


i also would like to see 'ignore' sections in viewrange of the cam.

I get a lot of false alarms at specific times of the day (low sunbeams carving the edge of my house)


This is my biggest frustration with these cams!


They are unbelievably unreliable; will record the tiniest motion of leaves at the top of a tree far away--supposedly outside of the FOV (as shown in the manual)--but will miss a vehicle or person going close by and directly within the FOV! It almost seems arbitrary. In fact, multiple times a day, the video won't trigger until the object has completely passed outside of view, so the video shows no motion--or a quick slice of someone's foot or tail light is shown when the video begins, then nothing. This happens about 30% of the time!


The manual definitely does NOT accurately describe the FOV.


I have the same problem I want to see what's going across the street my house.  And everytime a person passes by in front of my house it triggers an alarm.  I would like to block out that part so I can position my cameras to see  my suroundings.

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It can sometimes take some trial and error to find optimal conditions for your Arlo system.

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Please understand that I've been working with the Arlo tech team for nearly a year regarding this and other issues. We've tried everything. They have even replaced both cameras, one cam went bad and the other was replaced to see if it helped.


I have done extensive troubleshooting for this team. Now one cam that was replaced is clearly showing far less accuracy than the other one--even after swapping positions. So, IMHO, there's something wrong with the firmware trigger and/or the heat sensor is not good quality. I'm not a code writer or an engineer (I'm a tech writer), I'm just trying to apply logic to this year-long situation.


Also, one camera continually goes offline and is difficult to get it back online. So this is another issue I've dealt with them about that seemingly there is no resolution for.


This is the second time that, after I write my comment and then click "Post Your Comment" button, part of my comment was deleted! Why is this happening? So part of my comment doesn't make sense and is incomplete. Smiley Mad


The sentence that was partially deleted is "I'm not a code writer or an..."


The rest is" (I'm a tech writer), but I'm just trying to apply logic to this situation.


Let's see if this entire comment appears as written. Smiley Frustrated