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Micro USB to magnetic camera cable adapter for Pro 3/Ultra

Now here's an idea... wouldn't it be nice if Arlo would produce a MicroUSB to magnetic camera cable adapter.

I'm sure a 3rd party will come up with one at some point as it seems ridiculous we have to completely tear down and replace the current power cables that are currently in place for Pro/Pro2s

It would have been really nice if Arlo had thought about that during Ultra product development and brought such an accessory out as part of the Ultra/ Pro3 accessories range.

These outdoor cables in particular weren't cheap and were a right faff to get installed as these cabled usually power the hard to reach & a pain to recharge cameras.

I'm not great with heights so having the ones up high powered is a God send.

I know the batteries are different in Ultra/Pro3 but the power brick for Pro/Pro2 is a 5V / 9V smart charge and new cameras use 5V so the original power cables for pro cameras should manage to keep an Ultra/Pro3 camera powered OK... but alas the camera end of cable doesn't fit... so all that 25ft of cabling that took valuable time to install carefully routed / tacked round the house, through & up walls etc needs to be replaced and the whole fiasco redone simply to upgrade a camera.

All it needs is a waterproof plug on adapter that would convert the standard micro USB into the new proprietary magnetic bit and job done.

Anyone reading this already found a 3rd party offering such an adapter?



I was going to write this exact suggestion, thanks for beating me to it.  I spent a lot of time adding full-time power to 2 critical cameras at my vacation home last fall.  The 2 camera positions would benefit significantly from the 2K or 4K video of the new arlo cameras, but I dont see re-doing all that work.  Now I have 3 new Pro 3 cameras that I am not sure if I should return or, or use them in some less critical place where the Pro 2 camera would be fine, and which I can find on sale now.


This adapter seriously needs to happen. I just purchased 3 new Pro 3s and now im contemplating returning them, because i have to purchase new cables, and rerun every camera cable, and I don't believe its worth the hassle or the extra expense. 


Well this is making my choice to refresh my 4 Pro 2 cameras with non Arlo cameras. I spent the better part of a weekend and easily over 200 dollars running long MicroUSB cables and custom small power adapters that fit in outdoor boxes for constant power 2 1/2 years ago and now they expect people to just rerun new cables? If I dont see an adapter to use my existing wiring with the new cameras Arlo is so done. Between the baby cam debacle, the new cameras not compatible with old hubs, and now this, I am tired of this nonsense. There is absolutely no mechanical reason to switch to these magnetic connectors (2 of my cameras are in wide open areas getting the full force of rain and snow storms, without issues) so it must be they changed to it to force new accessory purchases; very sleazy.


I just got the Pro3 floodlight camera and already had the solar panel. Thought just get the magnetic cable and done... why would they do this and have a micro USB on the solar panel? Use a USB A connector on the solar panel so the cables work or produce a magnetic cable with a micro USB.

I found a adapter on Amazon that goes from USB-A to micro USB, nothing arlo specific. I'll add some electrical tape to it also so it doesn't come on done.