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Managing TWO accounts

I just installed our FIRST Arlo system at our office last week, and now that I've got it tweaked-out, I must say I am downright IMPRESSED with how well this system is designed, and how well it functions.


However, there are a few features I would LOVE to see added in future iterations:


1. Presently, if one has TWO accounts (due to our being so pleased with our OFFICE system, we intend to set up an entirely separate system at our HOME), one is forced to either smush them together into ONE account (which has a bunch of downsides, including paying $9.95 [?] a month for having more than 5 cameras,  even though they're at differnet locations) -- or two have TWO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS (in order to avoid a monthly fee, etc.).


The problems with the "TWO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS" strategy are:

1. One must use a different e-mail address for each account

2. One can't monitor both locations at the same time from the same portable device.

3. One has no way of knowing (from either the push notification or the subject of the e-mail notification which only says "Arlo Has Just Detected Motion") from WHICH account the motion was detected

4. One has to log OUT of one account and log back IN with a separate username and password to access the second account (a time consuming hassle, especially if you've just recieved an alert, and you want to find out as quickly as possible what's going on.


My wishes (solutions) for a future upgrade to the system:


1. Users be allowed to write the subject heading that will pupulate the e-mail notifications sent to us, so we can quickly differentiate which camera was triggered -- and, if applicable, from which account/location.


2. A change in the fee structure, such that customers (like us) are not in essence "punished" with a $9.95 monthly fee for buying MORE Arlo equipment and thus being arguably "BETTER customers"!

Does anybody have any ideas on how we can have two separate accounts for our home and our office -- and be able to quickly differentiate from which account a motion detection notification is coming -- and QUICKLY log onto that account from a smart phone (in our case, an iPhone 6)?


I'm guessing we're not the first Arlo enthusiasts to run into this predicament!




I totally AGREE with you.....I am in the same predicament.



I haven't gotten a satisfying answer from Arlo/NetGear, but the best I've come up with is to use two different e-mail addresses for the two different accounts, and then have my e-mail program sort them into different folders based on which address they were sent TO.


This does not, however, resolve the issue in regard to "Notifications" on our IOS devices -- which is really were it counts if there were an actual "inappropriate approach or entry" happening in real time to either our house or our office.


As it stands, there is no way to integrate TWO different accounts on the Arlo app -- one has to "log out" of one and "log in" to the other in order to see what is going on at two separate properties.


Also, the sound associated with "Notifications" on apple IOS devices is set by default (i.e., apparently unchangeable without great efort), and is so *tiny* ("bink") that I would NEVER hear it except under optimal conditions.

I'm hoping something can be done about THAT one of these days as well...


Otherwise, I am amazed at what Arlo can do, and how well it is designed to do it -- I don't see anyother competing technology out there at the moment that can touch Arlo on price and features (PARTICULARLY in regard to cameras that don't require WIRING!)...

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It sounds like you could benefit from using the Grant Access feature. In this way you could share the cameras on account B with account A so that all cameras from both accounts can be viewed from account A.


For more information on how to set this up, see here: How do I add friends to my Arlo account?




 I too have a similar issue, however I have two locations on my account but have exhausted the 15 camera limit and need a few more in one of my locations. I now am thinking of splitting to 2 accounts based on location but after reading some of the above comments I am concerned. First, How do I back out base station and camera's to set up new account?  Will it be managable? Is ARLO thinking of lifting any of the current "Camera number constraints?" Any way of having 2 accounts with the same email address?


Also...a comment....If you judiciously name your cameras the alert email you get can identify loc and camera easily... I can distinguish which camera is alerting by the message I get as a result!



Need ability to switch profiles within Arlo mobile app.



1 Arlo system at home (I own) with complex randomly generated password. Personal email address.


1 Arlo system at work (company owned) with complex random generated password. Company email address. 


Obviously company doesn't want me to use personal email and I don't want to use company email for personal. 


In the Arlo mobile app, I must log out of my account to access the company account. Then I have to open my password keeper and enter the random password each login. Not convenient at all. 


The Arlo mobile app really needs the ability to switch profiles/accounts without logout or password re-entry.


I understand. Here is my idea on a workaround, although I have NOT tested it.

If you do so you may violate the Terms and Conditions. I think it is OK (Could not find anything saying ONLY 1 account), but is NOT guarantying anything (and yes I have read them, NOT just pressed I agree)


You can create 2 accounts, one with your private email and the other with your work email.

Use the Grant access feature to grant one account access to the other.

Use the system from one account, to the extent possible. You may need to switch accounnt.

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This is proper use and is an intended function of the Grant Access feature.



Yes for sharing. I talked about the T&C for having 2 accounts YOURSELF

You will not violate Arlo's policies if you set up 2 accounts.  Their support team suggested this configuration to me and emailed me a link with instructions to set it up.


JamesC ....So how do the alerts work with the grant access feature enabled...Do they work they same way in getting alerts, or which account would they alert? Thanks in advance