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MJPEG video stream please!

It would be wonderful if you could add MJPEG support your Netgear Arlo systems! I have a Smarthouse solution at home. Here I can control the indoor temperature, the lighting and so on. I got it connected to a few public Webcams, so that I can see how the traffic is on the local highway etc. All our phones and tablets have the Smarthouse software installed. Possibly also our smartwatches very soon. I would really love to have contents from my Netgear Arlo system available through the Smarthose app. All I would need would be a static and public URL to each camera. Then I could add each camera to the smarthouse system and it would be distributed to all my devices. Since everything in the smarthouse app is current, I don’t see a need for previous video recording. Just access to the latest and a timestamp would be sufficient.

Could you please consider adding such a feature?

Community Manager



Arlo has already begun integrating with other smart platforms. For a list of our current partners, take a look here:


As new integrations take place, they will be added to the "Our Partners" list at the bottom of the page.


Thank you for posting your idea!



Great! Then I will be looking for partner support for Sensio and Eaton (xComfort). Though, just saying, if you enable support for open formats like MJPEG, then you wouldn't need custom adaptation to your partners' solutions... Less job for you, more usages and bigger customer base.