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Lower Operating Temperature and Local Central Storage

I am sure this has been brought up before but I guess I will voice it again for those of use that live in climates that go below -20C (-4F) on a regular bassis druing the winter. I will start by saying Arlo has a great product that has proven to be in the top space for this DYI Home Survalience/Security space. However, as I am sure the engieers and product managers know, there is room to improve. So as a customer Here are a few of my improvement ideas for what that is worth....


Outdoor cams that run in temps below -4F... Googles outdoor IQ operates down to -40F and Ring also has cams that do the same. This is mostly a problem with using a battery in the cam. So it would be nice to have the option of getting hardwired outdoor cams for colder climates. On that same note of hardwired outdoor cams, and this may be a copy right deal, but Ring has a Floodlight Cam that just hardwires right where your current flood lights are and it is rated down to -40F. Few points about this option. Flood lights mounted on buildings are 9 out 10 times already in postions to watch entries, they dont require extra wires being the flood light mount are most likely already in place. Either way flood light option or some other hardwire option that operates down to -40F would be great for any of the colder climate areas for customers that love your products but want to run them 24/7 outdoors as well. 


Another idea is that it would be nice to have a central wireless hub that would have the ability to backup video to a HD localy and have the option to schedule the cloud back up to run at particular times of the day when internet badwidth utilization is low; aka Night, or when the house hold is empty... It would also be nice if we had the option to limit the amount of bandwidth the cams use to upload to the cloud. either with image quality settings, QOS, compression, or encapsulation.. or all of it to make it possible to upload several cams to the cloud for off site backup without the need for upload speed of greater than 2Mb/s.


Finally the ability to alert only when the cam see a person or vechile would be nice. Just motion alerts while are nice they are not good enough in most cases. If a person has an open floor plan with pets they could get alerts all day long. Dog walks buy alert, dog barks alert.... to the point of alert fatigue and then user will start to ignore the alerts and or shut them off. While face recongition is nice and i feel arlo should be working towards this as well. Having the AI built in to know if the motion is a person, or other is a valuable feature and should be available in the near future.



All of these feature/capibilities ideas i understand are nothing new and I am sure you are aware of them and may already be working on them. However as a customer who uses your products and know that there is other products out there that meett these areas. I would like to see arlo compete with them by release features and products that fill these areas of need.