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Live view is not fast enough

When someone walks in the frame of the camera, it takes way too long to view the image. Open the app, then wait for "getting status" which sometimes takes a minute, then press the play button on the screen, then wait for the camera to connect, then see the image. Pretty much useless for seeing whats going on at the very moment its happening.


No improvements whatsoever, still slow to connect.  My  $25.97 Wyze Camera and my $39.97 Wyze Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera I purchased from Home depot have a great picture, audio and fast connection.  Sure they aren't battery operated but they WORK!  Arlo cameras can cost 10 to 15 times this amount and are plagued with problems, like horrendously slow connection (I'm on a gigablast pipe, which also has 50 mbit on the upload side, so don't blame me for the slow connection, oh yeah, forgot, Arlo isn't listening or doesn't care). At this point I don't really care if Arlo survives.  I am going to slowly sell my system and find something that works, or at least a company that is trying.


It just seems that Arlo just doesn't care to fix the issue - how many complaints does it take to get action .. or even a statement from the company that they aren't going to take action? Seem these community comments aren't monitored at all. What a waste of money this was. 


best thing you can do is warn everyone you can to NOT BUY ARLO.


Have personally managed to talk 2 people out of buying Arlo, the nail in the coffin was point them towards this forum so they can see the number of complaints of this terrible product. 




I’ve lost count how many people I’ve told and how many bought a different system.  The latest was my son who bought a new house and asked me about camera systems I told him not to to even think about getting Arlo because the support is lousy.