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Live view is not fast enough

Live view is not fast enough to start. Upon receiving a notification and clicking it there is a 5-20 second delay before video is shown. In most cases (thief, break in, etc) where you would want to trigger an alarm enough time has gone by that it would no longer be useful. Other cameras such as nest start their live view in 500ms to 2s, Arlo needs to do it as well.


I agree with the slowness of the recognition for the cameras.  I have moved the cameras to different positions, moved the  receiver to within 20 feet of the cameras, and set the picture to best quality and have seen some improvment but not near enough.  The best example is at my front door.  The camera is 4 feet from the door, 90 degrees to the traffic.  The camera does not turn on until someone actually reaches the door, showing the person in the very first 2 seconds of the run.  Unless the person lounges around the door, there is not enough time to make facial recognition.


I have had the system for 5 months and this is the best I can do after many frustrating hours working on it.  I feel that it does not meet the promise in all the advertising that led me to the purchase.  It is barely usable but I'm past the 90 day return envelope, so it is what it is. 


For me the problem is not with the recognition. With the Pro2 in wired mode the recognition and notification are near instant. The issue is starting the live view always takes a minimum of 5 seconds and up to 20 seconds. That is far too slow to catch whatever might be going on.


This is usually down to connection. And could be solved if they introduced a signal booster. 

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For me the live view and the time that I am notified is way to slow. Any normal person could act out a crime, break-in etc before the live view pops up or the notification comes through. Also the videos that are stored in the library don’t even show up until minutes after the fact. I realize this is not a top of the line system but after purchasing the arlo 2 and back up batteries and exterior mounts and the battery charging station, this cost me like $1200. That’s a lot. So for this to perform below what it’s advertised to do, makes me feel not only frustrated but ripped off.

I have a very strong signal (all bars) and my delay is sometimes over 30 seconds when I press "live". I have NO doubt that a software update could improve this. Arlo needs to do SOMETHING, There are many new security systems coming to market.

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What are your speeds from your ISP? Does this issue occur every time you open Live View?


My speeds are 360mbps dl and 20 UL. Even at full signal strength for example with everything in same room. I.e. cameras Arlo baseunit and Internet router all in same room and I press live view half the time it doesn’t even work. Most times it takes about 10seconds minimum. 


I agree it's slow. Whats strange is that when I first got the Arlo (few years ago), there was hardly any lag.


On Android it's more annoying because half the time the app doesn't authenticate properly and you have to flip it off the screen and relaunch. (I think it caches old data unless you close it out each time)


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This feature is currently not available. The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!

My biggest gripe is how slow the system is.  I have a 1000gb data connection with 50gb on the upload side.  Full bars on the base station connection and it still can take up to 10 seconds to see an image, and many times it takes multiple tries for the picture to come up.  Fast connection should not be considered a feature, rather a necessity as others already do that.  Given the cost of the Arlo cameras its like driving a Ferrari in eco-pro mode.  What's the point of that.  Arlo I hope you can consider how to improve turnaround time through your servers.