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Is that possible the base station can add wireless jammer detection?

I am not sure how Arlo base station handshaking with its wireless cameras, assuming for power consumption reason, the base station only push data to its wireless cameras when there is a configuration change or user command. Wireless cameras only inital data communication to base station when there is an event triggered.


The idea to implement of this jammer detection feature can be,

1. The base station always detect SSID of other networks around itself and build nearby WiFi stations SSID history list.

2. If base station detect's RSSI suddenly go up and make this WiFi channel not usable, then, begin to detect other channel's RSSI within WiFi ISM band. If all channel's RSSI value almost same and all channels are not usable, then,

3. You can use SSID list history data, RSSI threshold value and noise persisting time to trigger jammer detection event. I believe with this three parameters, you can filter lots of false trigger like interference from microwave oven, vacuum machine, etc.

4. User can set jam detection sensitivity level from Arlo app. With the Jammer detection event and its sensitivity level, the base station can send alert to user mobile device. The base station should always keep a log on cloud regarding its jammer detection event history.


I think this should be a very importent feature for wireless security camera. You cannot prevent wireless jam, but at least you can alert it. And there is no hardware upgrade needed for this great feature.


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