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Increase basic plan from 5 to 7 wireless cameras

I have 5 arlo wireless cameras, but need to buy 2 more to cover all my outside area. Would be nice to up the basic plan from 5 to 7 wireless cameras without paying a monthly fee. This is a good amount of money just in cameras. Thanks





I agree.  I already have 5 cameras.  I want to add 2 more.  But now I must subscribe?  I still don't need 30 days of recordings, continuous recording, or anything that I think should be an upsell.  I'm prepared to shell out over $400 for 2 more cameras, but Netgear isn't happy with that.  So I'll likely end up buying a competing product for my additional cameras so I'm not locked into recurring fees.


Maybe I understand the theory that the extra cams could use a LOT of cloud storage, but why not limit me to something like "7 days or 1 GB of used storage" if that is the concern?