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Improve live streaming behavior for intra-network viewing

It appears that if the viewing client and the Arlo camera are on the same network (e.g a home network), the live stream is still bounced through a remote Netgear server.


This seems wasteful on network bandwidth and lag; it would be nice were the implementation changed so that there was a connection made directly from the client to the camera when on the same network.



+1  It is absolute necessity to drastically reduce the lag by making it local-network instead of local>cloud>local.  Also necessity to record and live stream at same time.


Apparently Arlo Baby has this now, but I would also like to see this on Arlo Q. It’s a basic feature for any “plugged in” (non-battery/ wireless) camera where you might be streaming for several hours or more per day. 

Absolutely require this.! Please implement local streaming for the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2. This would reduce lag on the live feed when already on the home network. Please!