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IPAD Software v. 2.5.2 - Please stop auto play



I have an older IPAD (1st Generation) and the ARLO software has always worked well on it.  I use it interchangeably in my bedroom, kitchen, basement or whereever I need because it's small.  I have the cameras over 3 years and love them.  Recently the 2.5 update gave me issues.  They had repaired them with 2.5.1.  More recently, they updated again to 2.5.2.  This release seems to autoplay (which I love on my PC) when you scroll through the library in (zoomed in mode or selected mode).  On my IPAD it is hesitating and sometimes doesn't even move.  I contacted your support team and they said I should upgrade to ios 11, however, my IPAD is not compatible so that's not an option.  Can you please consider at least a feature to disable the autoplay option when scrolling through the library in large screen.  Thank you