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Features Request : Critical alert notification



I understand that now there is email notification per Camera.

If i choose it - I gem motion detect alert, Low battery alert and etc...

Sometimes camera is instaled in place that there is many motion detects, and receve thousands emails per day it's not so logical but we still want receive critical alert like lo battery.

I think it's will be nice feature.


Removing this could not have been from users, as you can turn it on or off. Please add this back in so users don't have to constantly log in to check battery status.


I've been been blindsided by this twice since sometime late December.

Dead batteries are a serious security and liability issue for me.

Please reinstate immediately.



A battery powered camera needs a notification for when its battery is about to run out.  A battery powered system without one is completely worthless. Why it was removed is absurd.



I have cameras in remote field offices, inside and out.

I don't look at the cameras unless they detect motion.

I bought these cameras (three base stations and 12 cameras) based on the specs at the time I bought them.

The Battery Low was an important part of the purchase decision.

I would like to give Netgear a chance to reinstate the Battery Low notification before I make an argument about returning the systems due to failure to perform according to published expectations.

Today is Monday, January 18, 2015.

My firm needs an answer by Monday, January 25.

Thank you.

Community Manager

We are currently investigating an issue with the low battery e-mail notification being sent. The toggle is no longer part of the UI but the feature still remains.



Do you expect to add the toggle back? If so, is there an ETA? I went in today to enable this feature and am no longer able to.


Please add the Low Battery Notificati​ons back.

Oh and a % left, like on cell phones, would be wicked cool too.



Thank you,



How can my "security" cameras keep my house "secure" if I have no notice when they stop working?


This feature removal is making me want to replace Arlo with another brand entirely. One that actually *secures* my house. Like security cameras should.


This makes it nearly impossible for me to make sure that my house continues to get security coverage when the batteries run low.

Why would you remove this feature. How stupid!

I agree, this was a nice feature to have