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Feature Request: Record Until Activity Stops - Continue Recording For X Seconds

It would be nice if the "Record until activity stops" recording rule screen in the App had an extra setting that allowed me to set a period of time to continue recording after activity is no longer detected.  If activity is detected again before this period of time elapses, then the timer is reset and Arlo continues recording. 


This should help cut down on the total number of videos captured even if the videos are slightly longer.  Likewise, serial alerts when something continues to come in and out of frame will also be reduced.


I agree this needs to happen. In my opinion it’s the only downfall to this system. 

I love everything about it except that videos cut out half way through any detected motion. 

This is a fix that needs to happen. 




This is a fatal flaw of the whole Arlo system.  It has been an issue for years and I don't think it's a priority for the Arlo team to address.  They give shallow responses like "we'll look into it" and have never given a timeline.  Seems so simple but the lack of addressing this issue tells me it will never happen.  They ignore their customers that have spent $1,000+ and would continue to expand their systems if this wasn't an issue.  Has anyone received feedback?