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Feature Request: Record Until Activity Stops - Continue Recording For X Seconds

It would be nice if the "Record until activity stops" recording rule screen in the App had an extra setting that allowed me to set a period of time to continue recording after activity is no longer detected.  If activity is detected again before this period of time elapses, then the timer is reset and Arlo continues recording. 


This should help cut down on the total number of videos captured even if the videos are slightly longer.  Likewise, serial alerts when something continues to come in and out of frame will also be reduced.

Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!




I like this idea that would be awesome! 

x seconds or x minutes. +1

I agree. If there is a way to extend or set the length of time on my new Arlo Ultra cameras, I haven't found it. It will stop in the middle of a recordingat 12 seconds, even if the activity has not stopped. I consider this a major step backwards from my Pro 2 cameras. I hope I just haven't found the adjustment yet...


I agree.  I have 2 cameras at the moment - cross triggering - with the intention of adding 3 more in a couple of weeks time.  It would be nice to follow whoever/whatever from place to place around our propery seemlessly.



I finally discovered the settings under "mode." However, after I make changes, I can't save them, because there is no "save" button...

People have been suggesting this for years.  (Kind of like a doorbell camera with the camera built in to the doorbell).


It'll never happen.


I suggested the exact same thing a while back, so I'm supporting your entry as well.


Arlo should add the feature as it will reduce the number of short recordings.