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Expose the Pro 3 Camera Floodlight to Homekit

This way, you can trigger the camera light from another homekit source.


I am really disappointed that the Pro 3 Floodlight doesn’t have HomeKit support. Why was this not baked in from the start since the other Pro 3 cameras include it? Arlo, please give us this feature!


Just saw this. How can you release a new product now without it if your other ones have it? I guess I'll be returning mine. 


I have three... all going back to amazon

Community Manager

It’s a goal of Arlo’s to make as many cameras compatible with these integrations as we can but we don’t have an announcement to make regarding Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight compatibility with Homekit at this time.



Rumour has it that a lot of the delay is down to Apple and its certification process. Arlo is not the only maker in the same boat.


Arlo could easily hold back products until Apple's bureaucracy has done its stuff, but those of us who don't pray in the particular church would rather not wait.



Well, I have submitted many products to Apple for certification. You just plan ahead. And, Apple actually pushes you through much faster if you already have other products certified. Now, with the whole COVID thing, maybe that is slowing things down.  


That said, there is no real response here from Arlo. If it is waiting on Apple, say that. If you have actually coming out it, say that. If you are in process of certification and this is not your first rodeo, you would announce it. The fact that didn't announce timelines is because it's most likely not even submitted to Apple yet and still in development. Of course, both are comments are speculation. 

Arlo has said that this is in the works.


But as you say the pesky virus has thrown a spanner in the works.