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Enable camera speaker for siren use

Each and every camera has a speaker for the PRO 2, why not create a patch file to enable the use of the siren through the camera speaker.  If the owner has cameras setup around their house that would be a great outdoor deterrent


This should be optional to switch on for all camera's as many will have the base station locked away in a cabinet and sound won't be as much of a deterent! I can imagine some people do not wish specific camera's to sound an alarm so please make this optional per camera.


Yes,  even if not as loud as base station it would help.


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Status changed to: Future Consideration

This is what I’ve been thinking forever! And with all the updates the speaker is loud now so I bet they can get this done.


I also agree! This is something that would enhance the existing alarm feature, alert intruders outside , and could be used in multitude of other ways. If this were possible it might be nice to have an option to send a warning alert sound from the cameras (or even just from one camera) that would alert an intruder they have been detected. Much like the way some vehicles make a beeping noise if they are tampered with.