Arlo|Smart Home Security|Wireless HD Security Cameras

Emergency record (ability to record all with a press of one button)



It would be nice if there was a manual option to trigger all cameras to record until the user stops recording or the battery dies. Maybe add a button next to siren button to trigger all cameras. If I am away from home, and there is an intruder on my property, I would like to have the option to have all cameras rolling at once rather than waiting to detect motion. Thanks


i would like to easily start the recording of my cameras by using a button on my phone or on my weblinked cash register. I dont want to permanently record everything. I use motion detect at night but during the day there is too much of uninteresting motion.


Would be solved by my needs if you provided the option to stream video via a local RTSP endpoint.


A “panic” button to just start recording on all 4 cameras until I tell it to stop would be useful in an emergency.