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Embedding a selected video stream into a company website. Be able to "switch on/off" as needed..

Certain times of the month / year my company holds outdoor events for staff and the general public. I would like the ability to select one of the my arlo camera feeds and provide live video of the event for visitors to our website to see. I imagine this would be popular for sports bars, sporting events, haunted attractions, outdoor museum events, parks, etc.


How can I integrate stream video to my website?


Haven't seen any html programming re doing same... prob at this time I'd guess no.  But the real answer would have to be from Netgear.


But there is the "friend" option to share


Is there a way to upload your pictures (once a minute) to a personal web site? 

Community Manager



This is currently not a feature on the Arlo system.


Thank you for sharing your idea with the community!




I have a business cloud account for my Arlo. I am surprised the service doesn't offer streaming, embedding, or anything like that.


For or business accounts they should also allow you to put you business logo in a top or bottom corner of the video feed. 


I have rolled out several sets of Arlo  Pros (Base & 3x Cameras) and Arlo Go (1x) at multiple projects. These work well and are good for monitoring the job - however, I want to add the camera feeds to a Dashboard that we have. 


I cannot see any way to see the cameras outside of the "Arlo Smart Home Settings" or the App. I don't mind having the project team using this but we have Dashboards in the office with pieces of information that I would like to add the feeds (or at least latest photos) to as well.


If this cannot be done or will not be added anytime soon then I need to look at alternatives as this has become a requirement.



/Chris Coffee