Arlo|Smart Home Security|Wireless HD Security Cameras

Dual Power Cable

It would be quite convenient if you would consider making a twin line power supply accessory for the Security Light and various Wire Free Cameras.  For my front porch I do not need an add on light as I have a porch fixture with motion detection.  However for the out side cameras I have one Arlo Pro 2 wire free camera and am planning on adding one Arlo Security light next to it.  It would be nice to have the ability to power both from one electrical module instead of having to run two power cords to and outlet.   


In doing so it would be simple to customize the lights plugin to the same one as the existing cameras in the same location.  This would provide several advantages.  The next generation light could like the cameras have additional features only available with wired power such as brighter lighting, adjustable lighting for better range etc. 


A dual feed powerfully would also be useful for placing more cameras.  It would be nice to be able to put two cameras in a corner location with each pointing to the needed direction, providing less wiring, more features and usability to your customers.  


A multiport charger outdoor charger would be a nice addition - I also have a couple of areas where this would be useful.