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Doorbell - “Leave a message” language feature

It would be great to offer the possibility to change the language for the “Leave a message” feature of the Arlo doorbell.

In fact, to do so I needed two long chats (one was completely useless) and a phone call to the support centre.

Arlo doorbell sets the language of the “Leave a message” feature on the basis of the IP of the base station’s first installation.

So, if someone moves to another country and therefore needs to change the language of the doorbell, or if the first installation was done with a VPN with an IP different from the country where someone leaves, there is no way to set it back correctly.

In my case, I needed to redo the installation with a different user (so, with a new email) and then change my new email address to the original one once everything done, just to get the “Leave a message” in the language I wanted to.

It was an enormous waste of time and effort! Therefore, I would kindly suggest Arlo to add a feature to set up properly the country where Arlo is used and not to get it by default from the IP address of the first installation.

Moreover, as other users mentioned, it would be good to have the possibility to set the “Leave a message” feature on or off.

Finally, I encourage working towards a smoother integration with Google Home.


Looking forward to a new software upgrade which would bring such features to my existing Arlo devices!


Thank you!