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Disarmed Notification for a certain amount of time

I would love an option where arlo would remind me when my cameras are disarmed for a certain amount of time.  I often disarm my cameras when I am out shoveling the drive way or mowing the lawn.  I often forget to re-arm the cameras when I am done and miss recording activity.  It would be great to have an option to have arlo send me a notification if my camera has been disarmed for more than X hours.


I have my camera set up to notify me when my grandpa gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I would like to know when he gets up and gets back to bed but I don't want to get notified every 15 seconds as it takes him 2 minutes to get out of bed. I would like Arlo to only notify me for the first motion detection and not to notify me for every other motion detection for a set amount of time (i.e 15 minutes). I have already reduced my motion sensitivity and still want notifcations of movement but not every time it happens. Maybe I'm oversimplying it but a simple If statement should be easy to implement. (If sent notification in last 15 minutes, don't send but record). For how much the camera system costs, it seems like there are a lot of features missing from the app. 


+1 On this request. There should be a snooze option of variable length on alerts while the recordings can either be stopped or not for the same duration. This should be handled on a per camera basis.


Yes yes please add this feature. And make it a selectable mute...either switched off until you switch it back on and option for a selectable duration.


Agreed this would be an excellent option (Snooze 5 minutes, 10 minutes.... 30 minutes etc.  


My scenario....  Diggers hotline was just in my yard marking underground wires and set off not only the cameras but my dogs too!  The service technician was gone in about 5 minutes but the dogs stayed agitated for the next 15 minutes.  The dogs moving around the house triggered about 2 dozen alerts.


Snooze would have been a perfect fit for this scenario.


Please use Geofencing sir. If you will not use the security system correctly then listen to your wife and get rid of the security system!



Kind Regards,


...I work from home and still want my security cameras armed. Just not going off 20X in 2 minutes...


Please, please, please add this.

It is all SW in the app!  Just a snooze and then asks till when or for how long.

My phone is blowing up...but I don't want to forget in 1-2 hours to turn back on!!!

So simple, please add.



This is needed urgently....


When cleaner or visitor comes, my phine and watch ding every 10 or 20 seconds - and this goes on for the couple of hours they are there


I have to log in and turn off camera, which defeats the purpose...


Needs a snooze for 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute option like other cams


I’ve been thinking of requesting this for ages. Geofencing is good but I want snooze too. My scenario - me and my son use geofencing but if we’re in the house at night I want notifications of the garage or movement around the house. Armed would do the trick for me as long as I could snooze the notifications for optional length of time. 

I tried as an alternative, to set up scheduled times where geofencing would be active during the day, but armed would come in to play during silent hours. It’s not possible to select geofencing as a scheduled mode within a schedule.


How is this still not an option? I don't even want a snooze button, I'd like to be able to turn them off completely - I have cameras as a deterent and of course would love to refer back to an incident should one occur - I do not however need to be notified everytime a bush blows in the wind or a sweetie wrapper blows across my drive, a cars shadow crosses in front of the camera. I have resulted in turning the one in the house off as I have 4 cats and 2 dogs so you can imagine how many notifications I was getting. It defeats the purpose of having security cameras if they're always turned off as I can't stand the constant push notifications from Arlo followed up by the push notification of the email from Arlo - This is a gargantuan flaw in the Arlo system, I know my colleague who also owns the Arlo system has already turned his off for good.