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Disarmed Notification for a certain amount of time

I would love an option where arlo would remind me when my cameras are disarmed for a certain amount of time.  I often disarm my cameras when I am out shoveling the drive way or mowing the lawn.  I often forget to re-arm the cameras when I am done and miss recording activity.  It would be great to have an option to have arlo send me a notification if my camera has been disarmed for more than X hours.


One problem I have is that I stay home on average once per month. Sick days, working from home, public holidays etc.


During these days my arlo starts going nuts on notifications.


Currently the only way to shut these up is to going into the console and turn off notifications or change the schedule. This then risks me not setting it back at the end of the day.


I wish there was a way to tell arlo to ignore things for a while, or to skip notifying me for a while.


This way when i'm home for a day, it might sitll record, but I can tell it that I don't care for 8 hours and then let it resume it's previous schedule.


A snooze option on alerts would be nice. When motion is detected and I've reviewed the clips, I'd like to be able to snooze it if it's because my dog walker/house sitter is there. Should be a button on iOS and Android push notifications.  Including a snapshot of the frame in the notification would be great.


I get several alerts from my multiple cameras instead of just one alert combining them. Maybe an option to not send additional alerts (but still capture the clips) within a short period of time (like ten to thirty seconds) from the first. This is different from a snooze option which would actually temporarily disable the system.

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Great suggestion!  Thank you for your contribution!



So far so good, everything working as advertised.

To make alerts more useful, it would be great to have the ability to "mute" the alerts within a user specified time when alerts have been triggered a number of times within a specified time frame.

This would make the modes much more useful with limited manual intervention.

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Welcome to the community! I am glad to hear you are happy with Arlo! Muting alerts within a certain time frame is a great idea. Thank you for the feedback!


I wholeheartedly agree with this request.  I have motion detection on to see when the kids get home from school.  After they arrive and I get the notification, I'd like to be able to snooze the motion detection for an hour or so until the scheduled motion detection is done.  Right now, I have to switch modes to turn it off until the scheduled motion detection time is over or else I get constant notifications.  And most of the time I forget to switch back to the schedule for a day and wonder why I didn't get the notification when the kids get home.


Windows 10 Phone App. Please.


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Status changed to: Future Consideration
I have created another mode called Armed - Silent whitch will record motion, however not send me any notifications. When I'm home I will still get videos however no notifications.
I also use Geofencing; Home Armed - Silent; Away Armed (motion+notifications)