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Disarmed Notification for a certain amount of time

I would love an option where arlo would remind me when my cameras are disarmed for a certain amount of time.  I often disarm my cameras when I am out shoveling the drive way or mowing the lawn.  I often forget to re-arm the cameras when I am done and miss recording activity.  It would be great to have an option to have arlo send me a notification if my camera has been disarmed for more than X hours.


@seanwattson-- This is not about setting up geolocation ... this is about muting mobile and email alerts for a short duration while keeping video clips recorded. So keep motion detection and all activities related to that as-is, but just stop the alerts (for a limited time). 


I am very surprised that Arlo doesn't already have this feature in some way shape or form.  We just set up our system this past weekend and I am ready to return it because the notifications won't stop! Why on earth is there no capability to continue recording and pause/mute/sleep notifications?  


Ideally, each one of the cameras would have the separate ability to mute notifications for a specific amount of time.  For example:

Camera 1 - Living room; Camera 2 - back yard; Camera 3 - Front yard.  When we're home I'd like to keep cameras 2 and 3 live and active and get all notifications, but I'd like the ability to mute camera 1 until we go to bed.  Still record, mind you, just mute notifications for a period of time. 


Exactly! It would be good if we had record/detect separated from notify and allow notify per device and pause when needed. 


I use the cameras to watch and make sure my dog's seperation anxiety stays at a low level. When I'm gone, he's constantly moving so my phone is flooded with alerts. I often turn it off for an hour but then forget to turn it back on. I'd still like the motion recorded so I can go back to watch for anything, but I'd like to silience the alerts for an hour at a time at least. Eventually maybe the siliencing of alerts could be per camera instead of for the whole system as I do use it for security in other areas around my home too. 


When I am at home I want the cameras to record for security reasons, but not the alerts. I created a custom mode with only recording, no notifications.


Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 20.23.11.png


Just searched for such a feature and surprised this isn’t standard functionality.


Ive had my Arlo Pro 2 kit for a few weeks, and set up schedules when people are not expected to be around but I have a cleaner on the property within a 48 hour timeframe.  I don’t want to disable all alerts during that period, but when she is on site, I want to snooze notifications (I use push only as emails were just too frequent and intrusive) for an hour or two, at which point I’d expect the schedule to be resumed.


can this please be added?


It would seem obvious to have, but there’s no way to do this:


I’d like to be able to select a delay for notifications between when motion/audio is first detected and X amount of specified time (ie. 10 minutes) so that alerts aren’t constantly flooding my devices and inbox while still recording.


The problem is that I have two cameras covering one area. I went to go get something in my car then took out the recycling and trash. My iPad and my iPhone went ballistic with notifications and chimes and then my wife told me to “return your stupid device” then proceeded to toss my iPad  in the bathroom where she couldn’t t hear it. I can’t say that I blame her one bit either.


i went to go check my email and had about 60 emails in my inbox too which is completely absurd. All within a few minutes of me walking around outside. There’s absolutely no reason why a developer can’t implement a “notification delay” setting which allows a user to specify or slide an amount of time between the first notification and subsequent ones. Yet, I’d still like the system to record but don’t want to be annoyed with your “binging” and “buzzing.”


Your tech support suggestion of setting a schedule, disabling it entirely, or removing notifications is a hack and a very poor “solution.”  This needs to be properly coded/implemented.


Please Please make this happen!


I like having my outside cameras armed at all times but when my kids play outside in the driveway, I get notifications every 20 seconds for as long as they play outside.  I'd love to be able to pause the notifications for 15/20/30 minutes to stop the barrage!  I want the records to continue but the notifications for a period of time are overkill!


Please add this. I don't want to have to share access to my account to be able to use geolocation to prevent numerous notifications when the babysitter is home with my kids. I'd like the first ntotifcation when they arrive but be able to snooze notifications. I don't want to have to disarm the cameras because I want the recordings. Plus I will likely forget to turn them back on. I also don't want to use the schedule because if I'm home and not expecting someone I want the notification. 

I defintely want a snooze option for when the gardner is at home for an hour but I dont want to have to Disarm then re-Arm later. This would help soo much,