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Custom alert sounds

Really need to customize the notification sound.  For instance, I want to be alerted to motion on some cameras while sleeping, but the notification sound is not enough to do that because it is too brief and I just sleep right through it.  Would be nice to select an mp3, or at least provide some more aggressive options for alerts.  Perhaps even per camera custom sounds, as one can do with ringtones for different contacts.


I woke up this A.M. checked my email and noticed Arlo alert, no warning, nothing, slept right through the event.  Contacted Amazon and got a return label.  This unit is worthless too me.  It would not protect s dog house!

Do you push notifications set up for Arlo?  They are set up separately.


Did a little more looking at this issue. Other than Apple supplied apps, custom sounds cannot be set via settings/notifications directly. 




As an example, WhatsApp has a custom screen within the app to allow choosing your own notification sounds. So the correct answer is THIS CAN BE DONE! OK Arlo/Netgear, find a real programmer and get this done! (even steal them from Facebook/WhatsApp)


Just to repeat here how it can be done.


I found an article on push notifications for iOS if any developers are interested.

Google "The 3 Ps to Custom Alert Sounds in iOS Push Notifications."


While I understand that the iOS issue is an important one, I'd like to reiterate that this thread is not all about iOS. Android can choose a unique notification sound for each app - but what good is it if during the day all I need is a gentle ping to let me know someone is coming to the door... but at night when I am dead asleep and someone is prowling around in the backyard, i still get a gentle ping? This is supposed to be an app for SECURITY. As it is, these cameras are for novelty because I don't feel secure knowing the app won't wake me up at night if an intruder comes along. The only alternative is that I can disarm the system completely until I'm ready for the actual ALARM on the base station to activate. Then I have to think about whether I really want that going off and traumatizing my kids at night when some bug flies in front of the camera. That's not a good solution, ether. The app developers need to put more serious thought into this rather than pushing new hardware. I really regret spending those hundreds of dollars on this system.

Could we please have the option to change the notifications sound.

Latest update May 26 2019 and still no custom sounds for IOS. 


Get er done Arlo. 

They just assume to make newer products for revenue even though the millions of existing customers like some of is techies are pissed for no variable in the custom alerts.   But what I do notice is a lot of other apps are the same for iPhone.  It must be in the coding

smv Onlooker
Cannot be that difficult. The simple messaging app that Verizon produces allows me to set a specific alert sound based upon who is sending me the message. The Arlo notifications are able to distinguish which camera is sending the alert. Given that information, it should be able to choose a custom alert sound.

Years onward and still waiting to be able to customize the push notification sound on iOS.  I slept through a 3AM "alert" tone yesterday so I didn't catch the person breaking into my car.  Gee, thanks Arlo.  I got the back of a hoodie on camera in HD, but no chance to wake up and call police.  After all this time with it "coming soon to iOS" (since Feb 2017 according to another thread), I feel like your team owes me some compensation for lost gear.


If there's no customizable alert soon, I'll be ditching your product for a real security camera system with better controls.


No, I don't want to just automatically activate the siren on the base station for every cat and racoon that walks past the camera, thanks.