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Custom alert sounds for Android/iOS

Really need to customize the notification sound.  For instance, I want to be alerted to motion on some cameras while sleeping, but the notification sound is not enough to do that because it is too brief and I just sleep right through it.  Would be nice to select an mp3, or at least provide some more aggressive options for alerts.  Perhaps even per camera custom sounds, as one can do with ringtones for different contacts.


That’s a great idea but there isn’t even a choice to have a notification sound that one can choose for Arlo notifications only to separate them from other notifications!







“I have raised a case with Arlo on this. If the case is not resolved in two weeks it gets dropped into the too hard basket and that's the end of that unless the case gets updated within the two weeks. I intend to update the case within that time to keep it alive. Not very confident that it will make any difference but will try anything.

regards all



Thanks for your efforts in keeping track of this, there are hundreds if not thousands (not everyone will be commenting on this thread) of customers hoping for notification sound customising..
It would be good if Arlo acknowledges this request as other camera security systems will be getting better and better and will overtake Arlo if they don’t care about their customers.


I have started several cases and called Arlo numerous times over 3.5 years concerning the lack of notification sounds in IOS.  Android has unique sounds in their Arlo app but not IOS.  Until they get enough people raising hell with them they are not going to do a thing.  I think most people believe Arlo reads this thread in the community but they do not.  Every one needs to bombard customer support over and over until they listen to their customers.  I’m at a point that I just do not give a **bleep** any more.  I made my initial investment in a Arlo 4 camera system awhile back at Costco.  Arlo bombards me with emails trying to sell me new or more product but I will not spend a single cent more with Arlo until they address the notification issue.  Soon I will just purchase a different brand and sell my Arlo cameras.  
The bottom line is that Arlo only cares about the initial sale and they do not give a flying **bleep** about customer support or needs.


Aint it just ironic that I just got an email from Arlo saying "Apple Homekit is now compatible with Arlo Pro 3 camera kits". They go on to say "You asked for it, Now we have it"!!! Arlo obviously do not read these posts. What can we do to get them to at least acknowledge the problem and give us some feedback. I have never in my 73 years encountered such an abysmal indifference to customers whom I might add were obviously not out to purchase the cheapest product on the market. Come on Arlo, I'm getting close to returning the system as not fit to purpose. I keep missing notifications, not good enough!

I have a case opened and refresh it within two weeks so it doesn't just disappear. I have three case numbers relating to the case and will continue to peck away at it.

Currently you cannot change the alert tone/notification alert tone when motion/video starts on Apple iPhones. This poses a severe risk and liability to users. Last night I had two masked men in my driveway 4:30am. I slept through the general text alert tone. I need to be able to set the alert tone to a tone that is more like an alarm so it will wake me up in my sleep or sound different than a text alert. This puts users at a severe disadvantage and at risk of loss of property and potentially personal harm.

As previously mentioned I intend to keep pecking away at this issue. I continue to get untimely advice that there has been activity on my system because I don't hear the alert.

This is the text of my latest report:

reference report numbers 41591614, 41562938, 41610043. I have still had no indication of any progress on the matter of "Custom alert sounds for Android/iOS".
This has been going on for several years, yes YEARS. We the dumb users don't even get the satisfaction of an acknowledgement that the users forum that YOU SPONSOR erven gets read!! How about it ARLO?


Arlo needs to allow Alert tone in Apple phones to be customizable.  I know Apple is a pain to work with, but if other companies much smaller than Netgear can get it done, why not Netgear!


So you think Apple is difficult (not my experience by the way), at least they are contactable. You are about to realise how good they are. I sometimes wonder if someone switched off the lights when Arlo customer service left the building!!  Good luck, keep at them.


Hello ARLO/Netgear, are you there? Can you hear me? Earth calling Arlo, come in please. Just a small indication that the company is still based on Earth and is just slightly interested in the customer would be great. Three years since you declared the fix for this issue with IOS “is coming soon”!!!


Well, once again I have received an email from the helpful "experts" at Arlo that because I, yes "I", haven't updated my case that they have closed it!! What happened to the concept that it is not the part of the client to update the case. It is, I think, a reasonable expectation that it would be for Arlo/Netgear to update the case by advising progress. I realise that in over three years there has been nothing to advise as NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!!

I have submitted the case again, it's called pissing into the wind! One could think for a moment that I am getting a little IMPATIENT!!! I am still in a position to return my system for full refund and am thinking it might be best for my psychological health! Come on Arlo, some response at least!