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Custom alert sounds for Android/iOS

Really need to customize the notification sound.  For instance, I want to be alerted to motion on some cameras while sleeping, but the notification sound is not enough to do that because it is too brief and I just sleep right through it.  Would be nice to select an mp3, or at least provide some more aggressive options for alerts.  Perhaps even per camera custom sounds, as one can do with ringtones for different contacts.


I found an option that works while at home. On the Alexa app under devices. Go to your arlo camera and turn on motion. Alexa will say motion at front door or whatever you name the camera. You can clearly hear it.


This is base level functionality that your users need to use these cameras for security. If I would have known this prior to purchasing I would have selecting another brand. There are many posts in the support section on this. Not sure if people know they should submit on the idea page. I would suggest someone look at the long threads where customers are getting very frustrated. While contacting your support team it was stated that you monitor the idea page. There are more likes on this topic than most of the other features that were implemented. "You are losing customers" by not having this feature and we ask that this is a high priority. Love the cameras, but please fix this MAJOR flaw in your software.
The iOS notification sound cannot be changed at the moment, despite misleading information in

Many iOS apps use the same default notification sound as Arlo. My stress levels go immediately up when I get a notification from any app with the same notification sound as Arlo’s ”person detected” alert. This was ok before, but after we had an actual burglar (Arlo helped in scaring him away), this default notification sound is now heavily associated in that burglar.

Even though I attempt to disable notifications from all other apps except, sometimes a newly installed app sends me a notification with the ”burglar sound”.

For example the has a custom notification sound. There is no technical reason for not to have a other-than-ios-default notification sound for

Please prioritise the ability to change the notification sound OR provide an Arlo specific sound which is not used by other iOS apps.

Thank you!
iPhone 10 RS, it is not the settings for volume on my phone. I have volume at max. I want to be able to tell Arlo what sound to use, currently can not do this
iOS users MUST have the ability to customize or at least change our notifications. I just spent over $2000 on Arlo branded cameras, doorbell, baby monitor, etc. I’m considering returning all of it for Nest. Research shows this has been pending for years! WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED? If I can’t get a response $2k in equipment is going back.
I just purchased an Arlo pro two system. I went with the system over the ring because of the Geo fencing capability. However, now that I have it I see both systems have critical flaws. Here are my complaints with Arlo.

1. There’s no personalized notification sound for the iPhone. Arlo notifications just blend in with all the rest of the notifications which almost makes this system pointless.

2. The distance from the camera and the base station seems to be fairly short. I have a large rambler and I would say the camera is limited to about 50 feet from the base station.

3. The monthly expense for the Smart plan seems a little excessive.

4. My biggest concern of all is I can see that many members have the same issues I have. The notifications thing has been talked about a ton and yet it seems like Arlo is just way behind on listening to their customers. I’m worried that they’re no longer at progressive Company I may need to look to another product.

Theres no rush in fixing this ring tone issue because they got their money from all of us.  The only way they would fix this would be if it threatened their livelihood.  I used to recommend this camera system to anyone that asked.  I now highly recommend to everyone to steer clear from this system.


They don’t quite have my $ yet. I’m still within return period. 


It’s been too long waiting for them to fix this adding a different tone for notifications... I can tell if it’s my camera or my calendar... I live the system but I am going to look for a different system that I can manage the notifications.  Let the search begin for a different system.  I’ll put my current Arlo system at my mom’s or sell it to someone that doesn’t care about the notifications sounds.  Thanks for nothing Arlo, you used to be the best, but no longer if you can’t add this simple fix.

Just an update. I just visited youtube where there is tutorial after tutorial on how to configure notifications. I suspect it boils down to dollars. The creator must use the APNS (Apple push notification service) to use remote notifications. I am not a programmer, though I have dealt with programming code long enough to know this can be done if the drive is there. That being said, I am researching other camera systems. When I find one that does what I want, my Arlo cameras are going up for sale. It's just a shame they already have my money.