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Custom alert sounds for Android/iOS

Really need to customize the notification sound.  For instance, I want to be alerted to motion on some cameras while sleeping, but the notification sound is not enough to do that because it is too brief and I just sleep right through it.  Would be nice to select an mp3, or at least provide some more aggressive options for alerts.  Perhaps even per camera custom sounds, as one can do with ringtones for different contacts.


To DWCrisp


Thank you so much for your help!!!

im set up now with IFTTT. Both the ring & text is set as Alarm 



Hi all,


I'm aware this has been raised before but I just want to have my say regarding the alarm notification for iPhones.  


I know this is available on Android so come on Arlo let iPhone users benefit too.  This could be done in a similar way as I have on my 'Tile' app, where it rings my phone if it's on silent.  Alternatively, a separate small puck light stand-alone unit could be devised that could be synched with the base station, that would emit a smoke detector type alarm.  The current state for iPhone users is no good when you're asleep!



Same problem here i need a louder sound to wake me up while i am sleep
Same problem here i need a louder sound to wake me up while i am sleeping
I downloaded the free app called IFTTT. You can make an applet to say, when motion is detected, call my phone. On your phone go to contacts and change the ring. I found under custom one called ALARM. It sounds like a tornado warning!!!
Good luck.
I have a iPhone 7 plus. It works!!!!
I wish the Arlo was advertised for Alzeimers care givers. My mother has Alzeimers and I get the freedom to do my makeup and still be in the house, just not sitting with her 24/7.
Thank you Arlo

Notification options should allow a tab saying in the mode setting


Activate notifications when motion is detected continiously for





By doing the above we will get less notifications and only the ones when we think it does matters.


Other triggers should keep on recording as usual.


When is custom alert sounds coming to IOS? The message coming soon was a year ago. Stop developing new products and fix your APP.


I bought this system to warn me when my car was being broken into. The thiefs came back last night and the weak push notification sound did not wake me up. PLEASE add a sound file so we dont have to jailbreak our phones. How is an alarm sound for an alert not in the most basic build of your programming? Someone really dropped the ball in APP design, already looking for a different product with a better alert.


As of now I do not recomend this product to anyone, ARLO.