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Cross triggering support for Arlo Q/Security Light



I just bought a set a set of Arlo Security lights to use with my Arlo Q, with the hope that it would give me the best of both options, PIR and pixel detection, when needed.  After getting the Security lights setup, I discovered that despite the claim that they work with all Arlo cameras the lights can’t be setup to trigger an Arlo Q.  Further research found the following from an Arlo troubleshooting article the app sent me too:  “Cross-triggering currently does not work with Arlo Q, Arlo Q Plus, Arlo Go, or Arlo Baby cameras. All cross-triggering devices must be connected to the same Arlo account.”


So does anyone know if and/or when Arlo will be adding cross triggering support for the Q cameras?   I’d like to keep the lights, but if they can’t be used to trigger my Q cameras, not much point in spending the premium over a regular motion light.



Arlo Moderator

This feature is currently not available. I will add this to the Arlo Idea Exchange Board for you.