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Connection log for diagnose-related problems, uptime, etc.

I would like Arlo to be able to view the Arlo log files. In particular, I want to know

  1. the extent of bufferbloat,
  2. the Wi-Fi RSSI value,
  3. the temperature of the CMOS sensor,
  4. the uptime (including whether there had been moments without internet connection), and
  5. any other parameters that might be helpful in diagnose problems with recording.

These are very good additions to check the health of the system!


Netgear will NOT impliment these. They don't want us to see any info that will prove the cameras have any issues.


 All the more we should request it (eg by upvoting my post)!


i agree. I am trying to get into the packet log becasue of someone interferring with the signal and I cannot. Where do i get into the router/base station.


My suggestion has fallen on deaf ears. Let's revive this idea!