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Change button on deletion of video

I suggest changing the confirmation of deletion button. I suggest confirming with a yes or no as to your current continue or cancel. The reason I suggest is I am dyslexic and have on occasion accidentally deleted videos due to thinking I was canceling and instead was actually confirming. The options of two c’s can easily be misinterpreted to a person with my condition or even in an altered mindset ie sleepy.. Thanks for consideration.

Ok for the suggestion....


But IMO, you should not deleted ANY videos.... they are stored on a rolling time frame and will be auto deleted when you service level time is up ( there is no limit to storage )


Only thing to be done is to DOWNLOAD any you wish to save so they are not deleted in the future


I didn’t mean to delete my video as I don’t typically delete anything as I know I can go back & see 30days. I meant to download them but fudged hitting delete instead of download seen as they are next to one another on the phone app & trying to back out after making the mistake & then accidentally deleting it by hitting continue instead of cancel.